Award Submission

Google I/O Adventure


Google I/O 2021's physical event was canceled due to covid restrictions and Google tasked us to design and develop a solution that recaptured the spirit of the physical event in an interactive online format.

I/O Adventure launched on May 18-20, 2021 as part of Google I/O. The experience is no longer live on the website.


We created a web game experience where attendees could chat with Googlers, engage with the developer community and learn about new Google features. The playful virtual world included interactive elements, fun mini games, immersive Google product integrations.

Attendees and Googlers could represent themselves with a diverse variety of virtual swag and built-in customization options such as skin tone, hair color, accessories, wheelchairs and limb differences.

& Accesbility

The custom built frontend and backend supports up to 250.000 concurrent active users.

Google believes that everyone should be able to access and enjoy the web. We committed to making that a reality by creating a custom DOM representation of the entire game canvas. We made the entire experience accessible to users with disabilities or users utilizing assistive technologies. They can move around the world using waypoints and experience all the content with screen reader functionalities. I/O Adventure lived up to the w3 Aria 1.1 standards.